Car stolen, car found – Life in the middle of a sandwich

3 a.m. Wednesday, February 7, 2017 – a date and time we won’t soon forget..Not because Feb 7 is my Mom’s birthday….but because we reported one of our cars stolen and then reported it found within hours..!

Being awake at 3 a.m. is not unheard of in our house. Having an aging senior citizen and two young adults living with us often causes sleepless nights. The most frequent cause? Waiting for one of them to come home – be it a late night at work or a night out with friends.  Even though our sons are technically adults, we just can’t stop worrying about them. Yes, my mother-in-law also strolls in at odd hours after nights out with friends on occasion!  And we worry about her too.

But on Feb 7 we found ourselves awake in the wee hours of the morning for an unusual reason!

Frank woke up around 3 a.m. to see if Jacob – our oldest son – made it home from work. Instead of checking Jacob’s room, he looked out of the the living room window to see if Jacob’s car was outside – it was and Jacob was in his room – so, sigh of relief, right? Not so fast..It was then that Frank realized his car was missing!

He called the police to see if the car had been towed but they said there was no record on file and provided a phone number to a towing company. They too said there was no record of any car being towed from our street. He called the police again but this time to report the car stolen. That’s when I woke up and he told me that his car was missing.

My first thought was, hmmm – where’s Thomas – our youngest son? He’s been known to make a late night jaunt for a snack…. but he was snug as a bug in his bed.  So while Frank waited for the officer to arrive – by then it was 4am – Thomas strolled down to the kitchen – for a snack of course – and was surprised to see Frank wide awake.  Frank told him that his car was stolen, to which Thomas responded, “No, it wasn’t stolen! I moved it because I was worried you’d get a ticket”.  You see we live in Toronto where parking on some residential streets is prohibited during specific hours without a permit. Ours is one of those streets. Frank recently got a new company car and hadn’t yet gotten around to getting the parking permit. Thomas was trying to do a good deed for his dad by moving the car to the street parallel to ours where parking is permitted over night.  Let’s give him credit for his thoughtfulness! <slow clap everyone> Maybe next time, he’ll give us a heads-up!

Frank called the police to report the car found. Case closed.

Oh and lest we forget it was Mom’s birthday on Feb 7 but we celebrated on Feb 10 with our ever growing family – 6 sisters, 5 brothers in law, and 13 grandchildren – photo of Mom and her grandchildren (and a random kid – someone always brings a friend to a famjam! “It’s how we roll” – the kids keep saying..).



Never a dull day in the middle of our sandwich.




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