Being lettuce and tomato middle of a sandwich

I have a lot to be grateful for and family is at the top of my list. For me, every day is family day and this weekend, thankfully, there was one extra day to spend with family be it for a few moments or hours. And as usual there was laughter, food, food and too much food.

Check out these beauties from a bakery owned and operated by a family around the corner from my house! These pastries have become a staple at our famjams!

Food has always been at the core of our family. Now that I have claimed my spot in the sandwich generation, I am reminded that much of my life has been spent in the middle of a sandwich. I’m number four of six children so that puts me right in the middle.  I recently read a study that revealed the first born child is more likely to be smarter than the rest of their siblings. Hmm.. my birth order puts me waaay down on the list of smart. Not sure what to do with that… nonetheless, I’ve been the lettuce or tomato, never the top or bottom slice of bread and never the cold cuts, tuna, egg/chicken salad whatever the focus is of the sandwich. For years I struggled with trying to get more attention from my parents, but not too much because then they’d really know what I was up to! I tried to get attention from my sisters, even it meant doing things I really didn’t want to do (like ALWAYS being the witch puppet so they could be the Queen and Princesses – not that I hold any resentment!).  But as I get older, I realize that I prefer to be in tucked in the middle complementing the whole – that is my place and that’s where I’m most comfortable among my siblings.


Snapchat Nana!  Snapchat cred: Jennifer Francis
Left to right: Thomas (my baby boy), Jordan (my giant nephew), Franklin (my hubby), Lorraine (my sister-in-law, thrilled beyond words to get so close to her brother!)

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