Better late than never – Living life in the middle of a sandwich

I thought a lot about what my blog was going to be about and it took me a while to figure it out but it suddenly came to me a few months ago (roughly 10 weeks ago to be exact).

Long before I considered a blog, I often searched for information on the Sandwich Generation to get tips on how best we can peacefully (and with our sanity) transition from parenting children to having adult children living with us. And then adding to the household, my aging mother-in-law. As I continued to search. Search. And search, I asked myself:  What information can’t I find and what is the biggest gap in the information I do find?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of information on the topic of the Sandwich Generation.  But what I found defined it as adults in their 30-50s who are responsible for caring for their young school-aged children and aging parents. Some live in one household with three generations while others care for their aging parents who retained a separate residence.  This description doesn’t at all fit with our situation. Nor that of many people I know. So I continued my search and continued to find limited information.

Thus the Momwich Blog – Living life in the middle of a sandwich was born.

I don’t claim to be an expert in any way but I think it know about what I’m talking about given that I’m living it. It’s my life after all that I’m sharing with anyone who chooses to read so I guess I can actually claim to be an expert. In my life, that is.

The expert in my life

My hope for this blog is to inform and entertain others who are searching for coping strategies of living life in the middle of a sandwich.

I realize now that this post is better suited for an intro post but it didn’t occur to me to explain my thinking until now. I’m taking a course – Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media at the School of Continuing Studies at U of T where I’m learning about the best ways to build, manage and maintain a blog. So if I knew 10 weeks ago what I know now this very likely would have been my first post. But then again, I likely wouldn’t need to take this course. Oh well, better late than never?

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