Taking time for myself – Living life in the middle of a sandwich

I talked before about the importance of taking time for yourself, away from the family and your daily responsibilities. When I endeavour to do this, it’s rare that I do something very specifically only for me. Aside from the twice a year massage, I generally do things that benefit the family and I’m ok with that. My family is the centre of my world. Always has been and always will be,

So,  this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a baking class at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto and it was awesome!

The kitchen high above St. Lawrence Market 

This class was meant to be something for me but the reality is anything that I learn to improve my baking is really for my family because I’m not going to eat everything I make!

The class – Spring Pies – taught me a few things about how to get the best pie crust. I learned a few new techniques like the importance of:

    1. Slowly filling your measuring cup using a spoons of flour at a time to get the exact quantity listed on the recipe rather than digging your measuring cup into the flour bag or container (my previously technique).

2. Rolling out dough from the centre then doing a 1/4 turn after each roll for even thickness and a perfect circle.

Not a perfect circle but the thickness is even all around!

3. Using shortening when you want super flaky crust and lard for a more condensed product e.g. cookies

4. Butter is always better – for flavour, for texture for colour. For everything. Because butter is EVERYTHING!

5. Knowing your ingredients. Did you know that Bumble Berry is not actually a berry? It’s a compilation of berries and other fruit!

Finished Bumble Berry Galette on the left and unfinished butter tarts on the right. Yum!


I still have a lot to learn about baking but taking time for myself this weekend, allowed me time away from my daily responsibilities to focus on something that brings me almost as much joy as my family and was well worth it!


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